8mm Mauser ammo - any sources?
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2017-04-16 00:12:32 UTC
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I have 7.62 and 7.9 dry packed and sealed.. 1000 rounds...
Gunner Asch
2017-04-16 01:24:23 UTC
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On Sun, 16 Apr 2017 00:12:32 +0000 (UTC), ***@gmail.com wrote:

#I have 7.62 and 7.9 dry packed and sealed.. 1000 rounds...

How much, what is the date and where is the manufacture? Corrosive or

Id be interested in some amount, depending on #1, the price, and the
answers to the above to lesser degrees
2018-01-02 13:26:27 UTC
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I shot up hundreds perhaps thousands of the Turk surplus. Good ammo for the price.
I did have a few duds but not enough to discourage me from buying more. In case
you're not aware the Turk Ammo is corrosive. I used to spray Windex or auto battery
terminal cleaner down the bore, followed by a few pat ches before leaving the range.
The Windex will neutralize the acidic residue until you get home and clean it
properly. My 8MM rifles' bores never turn ed dark.

To stray slightly off subject. Turk 7.65 ammo is garbage and dangerous. It
has a tendency to hang fire.