Does anyone else love their Lee Enfield .303 British?
(too old to reply)
2018-05-06 18:27:22 UTC
My dad fought with one in the forties....it never let him down....ive hunted
white tail with it....and it never let me down either...my friend hunts moose
with his...same story...great reliable rifle...easy to work on...and clean...
im keeping mine. Hope you enjoy yours
2018-05-19 17:04:40 UTC
The first gun I ever smithed was a No 4 Enfield. It had a broken extractor
and I had to replace the bolt head--really an easy job.

I thought it was just an old piece of junk until I took it to the range. It
shot just over mintue-of-angle, and I knew I had a keeper. Somebody had already
done a kitchen table sporter job on it, so I finished the job and made it nice.
I eventually gave that gun to my brother. I still recognize the sound when I hear
it in the north woods.