Zoli 12ga. O/U Shotgun Value?
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2015-08-09 20:37:02 UTC
Yes, I have a 95%+ Antonio Zoli O/U 12g, double triggers, standard engraving
with the full name engraved on it. It did originally come from Sears, I believe
a model 281. Don't know how to date the gun but Sears # conversion charts puts
my shotgun at @$1200.00 today. Just because it was sold by Sears does not mean
guns are worth less. Their higher end shotguns from late 50's to mid 70's could
very well be underrated. Price a new Zoli today and tell me the stout build and
crosslock are the makings of a very fine hunting or collectors pc. I would love
more information still. Recently I saw a Faustini which was heavily engraved but
used the same crosslock system which turned into a question, who first designed
it to begin with.
2015-08-09 21:20:23 UTC
On Friday, August 14, 1998 at 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, John Stewart wrote:
# Can anyone tell me the approximate value of an Italian-made 12ga. O/U
# shotgun made by Antonio Zoli? It is a model 281, serial #512651, sold by
# Sears, Roebuck & Co., which I bought about 25 years ago. It has
# chrome-lined barrels Mod/Full & two triggers. Stock is of good wood & is
# checkered & receiver is blued with nice engraving.

The description sounds very much like the gun made by Savage Arms back in the 1940s
until I don't know when. I know of models 420 and 430 Savage of that description.
Nice guns.
2016-11-12 16:19:35 UTC
I have always enjoyed using my silver snipe Antonio Zoli. Funny thing, it seems
I now have the actual 281 gun spoken of here with that serial number.
It is still very tight and nice looking. I bought it at auction recently and
have about $550 in it and I consider it to be very undervalued. I wish it
had single trigger, but sometimes two trigger gives nice choice on longer
birds. As far as A Zoli being Antonio Zoli, I do not believe that to be correct,
that was a ploy by Angelo to make his guns look better by mimicking Antonio.
These guns come to shoulder better than anything else I have ever used except
maybe a Wards Western Field deluxe in 16 ga. I have passed on Superposed and
actually sold one as I have no use for it, does not handle nearly as nice as
any Antonio Zoli. Buy American whenever you can....except maybe for Antonio Zolis!
2017-03-01 00:48:00 UTC
I've seen Angelos in the 4-500 range at Arizona gun shows. Numrich bought out all of Angelos unfinished guns and parts. If you need a part for an Angelo and Numrich don't have you're SOL.

Both Zolis choke tubes use the same and odd ball thread but are not interchangeable. Angelos are quite a bit shorter than Antonio. I manged to find a IC tube for my Antonio from Numrich but best I recall a few years ago they were out of the other sizes.