Remington 40X custom rifles
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2018-04-29 12:12:41 UTC
I suggest you abandon the usual idea of shooting light weight 22 cal bullets
at high velocity ( 50 - 55 grn) for example and consider the 75 grn. HORNADY
ELD in a 1 in 8" twist barrel. I like high B.C bullets that hold there velocity
over considerable distances compared to lighter bullets that shed speedfairly
rapidly. (Put the relevant date into the Hornady Ballistics Calculator and you
will see the difference) The slipperyer the bullet is through the air the
better. I love 22 Creedmoor. 3470fps mv.( 41.7 grns 2209 ( H4350) 2209 is
H4350. Still doing near 2500fps at 500 yards. 22/250 Ackley is good to. About
3350 in my rifle ( 75 ELD) 38 grns.RL17. Check it out. All the best with your
2018-05-21 11:05:33 UTC
On Friday, April 10, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, John Grove wrote:
# Curtis Quist wrote:
# #
# # Now that the Ruger 10/22 with a target barrel has been out for a while,
# # can someone tell me how accurate they are? I have thought about either
# # buying the standard one and haveing a new barrel put on it along with a
# # trigger job, or to purchases one of the 10/22T's and having the trigger
# # worked over. If I had a barrel put on one, I don't think it would be
# # one of the more expensive barrels ($200+) but probably one of the Butler
# # Creek barrels. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or any experiences
# # that might help me make my decision.
# I have a 10-22T in stainless. It is twice as accurate as a regular 10-22
# and a Marlin 60 (my only other comparisons). It shoots one ragged hole
# at 50yds with Greentag and 10x and almost as good with Winchester
# Wildcat (for half the cost!). Any ammo I've tried is under an inch at
# 50yds and the more expensive stuff is less than 1/2".
# If it matters at all in your decision, the 10-22T will hold its resale
# value and a modified 10-22 will be an iffy investment once you add the
# aftermarket parts to equal a 10-22T. (barrel, stock, trigger)

Try putting the Williams "Bullseye" sight on the Marlin -- it is ASTOUNDING!
Keep old front. I was astounded... i put a box of Hansen subsonic 22LR
into a group the size of a quarter on sandbags at 25 yards, and I was just
screwing around. I can't shoot buckhorn sights worth a hoot.