Delta Force, SEAL Team CQB shooting Techniques
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2015-07-20 01:14:43 UTC
Most of the information you're looking for, you're not going to find. What other
commenters state are from backgrounds that are not Special Forces, nor are they
involved in Counter-Terrorist and Advanced CQB courses. Most of the comments are
superficial in their overview of Close Quarter Battle. What you're looking for is
more CQM than CQB. I do recommend a website called CQB-TEAM for all your information.
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On Sunday, November 12, 1995 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, HydraShok wrote:
# I'm intrested in finding out what CQB shooting techniques elite units
# like Delta Force and SEALS use. I saw an ad in a gun magazine about
# a shooting school called Delta/Seal that was siminlar to Gunsite and> I look
A# forward to discussing this topic with anyone who is also
# intrested in CQB shooting techniques.
# Thanks
# Chris

I have no clue about military rule of shooting, but here are mine.

If you are in Clint Eastwood's bar and a guy walks in and gets his whisky and
proceeds to threaten your life by innuendo speaking and gun body language. Do
what? Go out for a showdown?? NO, draw on the threatener when his innuendo
intention is understood. Draw cold first in the bar. If the guy is a mistaken
intender he will fumble and ask why your going to shoot. So just do not pull
the trigger and aim and ask for a threat explanation.

If identified correctly the guy will be obviously in the draw game, so pull
the trigger first. Do not ever show threat to a Park Ranger,btww.

When you pull you need to hip fire a free quick shot round. Practice to get
above a 40 percentile hit success using the first round. At fifty feet for
the 45 semiautomatic. It is to be a real barrel just clear of the holster shot.

Practice so safety lever use is not even an issue. Carry cocked and locked.

After the first shot bring the sights up to bare. There is to commence a marriage
to your sights now. The issue is to hit in a deadly fashion. So there is a
consequence to the meaning of focus control. The rule of focus is to select your
focus sight in practice time. Select front or rear focus technique. You have to
be shooting with your focus never leaving the selected sight.

While shooting it is forbidden to move focus to the target. It is a background
behind your sight. Moving focus slows your firing rate.

It is forbidden to start looking for a defensive location while firing. It
must be preselected before the shooting starts so you can fire while retreating
to there. Looking left or right will always get you killed.

After the hip shot there is a technique to select. What is your stance? Mine
is a "combat stance" derivative. I can hop good. So I hop left or right or
forward or backward while bringing the sights up. It will hopefully startle the

In general terms, plan on walking to the target while firing. This will hopefully
cause the target to look for retreat so you can succeed.

There are traps to be careful of. Firing without a proper sight acquisition
of the target can literally fool yourself. You just might end up swinging your
gun on a left or right approaching opponent.

The walk to the target in theory means your killer 100 percentile second round
failed. I like just might end up firing retreating always maybe. Am I man enough
to advance? The hope is to advance on a target that "cracked"
and is retreating.

The assault team methods are a nice topic. But remember to do it carefully. Do
not let terrorists understand critical issues.

In the USA military .223 is a proven terrorist weapon. I would like to see
an advanced scope for them. I would like to see scopes the authorities can
turn off by radio. And have everybody use them. This allows a sensible
control. If you take off your scope the local sheriff will get mad at you.
But in times of civil militia need three will be no sheriff